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August 16, 2018 Kitchen and Dining

How to Decorate Hoosier Cabinets Vintage

Around the turn of the century, a housewife needed a place to store utensils, staples like flour and sugar and pots and pans. Vintage decorate a Hoosier cabinet allows you to highlight the provision or display their own collectibles. Set vintage colorful plates against the back of the surface of the counter plate in the stands. For Hoosier cabinets with glass doors, show vintage tea cups or glasses on the shelves.

Add antiques or vintage items. Post an antique camera phone or at the counter of a nostalgic touch. Attach the hooks on the side of the box and hang vintage bakeware, such as a copper mold plate, muffin tin or cake or cookie tin printed. Add colorful vintage cans for flour, sugar and coffee. stencil or paint a graphic border along the sides or front of the Hoosier cabinets. Painting door panels of a contrasting color to the cabinet base or outdated add labels to the interior panels of the doors.

Replace knobs or handles Hoosier cabinets with hand-painted buttons in bright colors, stripes or points to add a whimsical touch to the furniture. Place the glass jars full of vintage dried herbs or flowers on top of the cabinet. Or show your canned in jars decorated with ribbons and labels products. Add vintage ceramics, as a set of salt and pepper figuratively, cookie jar or colorful rooster.

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