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August 21, 2018 Home Designs

How to Make a Cornice and Wooden Valance

Wooden valance – A wood valance cornice enhances the appearance of a window and adds a decorative touch to the room. Although valances can also be made from a variety of fabrics, a border ledge is one made of a wood strip mounted on top of the window to cover the rod. Attach attractive trim on top of the cornice for added appeal. Creating a wooden valance is a simple procedure becomes a normal window into something special. Measure the width of the curtain rod and the depth of the curtain wall. Also, determine how far down you want to hang cornice. Add 1 inch to each measurement to determine the dimensions of the interior of the box. Cut a length of board 1 by 6 inches for the front and two for the slightly larger measurements sides. Making a bezel with a miter cut at 45 degrees at each end of the front saw. Also make a bevel cut on each side piece, the side that will join the faceplate. Reset the saw 90 degrees and cut the remaining board to size.

Apply wooden valance glue on the mitered ends of the long table and glue the side parts at each end. Secure each bind three brads inserted 1 inch on each side. Measure length and width of the exposed ledge frame structure at the top to determine the dimensions of the board surface. Cut the board to be flush with the sides and the ends. Hits the exposed structure and lower the upper part uniformly over her surface. Gently press down to secure in place before introducing 1 1/2 inch nails every 5-6 inches along the sides and edges. Cut a strip of wood and place it on a short piece of the border side of the ledge. Cut flush with the ledge on one side, and the other miter cut. Paste this trim piece on the short piece where you want to install the molding. Cut an identical part with a cutting edge for miter across the border of the cornice and a long with both ends miter for long board (above) strip. Glue the strips on the wood.

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Cut pieces of crown molding to the sides of the frame 1 inch more than you need, with cuts of 45 degrees opposite to one end of each. Frame cover upside down so that its lower end is up. Place the trim piece aside for him. Glue the edges and attached to the ledge on the center strip of wood previously installed before fixing in place with three 1-inch brads. Measure and cut the molding of the front valance cornice and miter the ends. Apply glue on his back and mitered ends before attaching to the border. Insert 1 inch nails to join the Mithras before introducing 1-inch nails along the length to join the side valance. Repeat the process to participate in the molding to the other short side in place. Smooth rough edges with sandpaper and raw wood.

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