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November 14, 2018 Home Appliances

How to Make a Cowhide Pillows

For decorative pillows, cowhide not only looks good but is also easy to clean and durable surface. With some art supplies, you can do one or more of cowhide pillows to suit your decorating needs.

The first step to make cowhide pillows is purchase cowhide preshrunk. Create the front half of the pillowcase by cutting a piece of cowhide to measure the dimensions of a pillow shape. Then cut another piece of the same size for the back half of the pillowcase. Add an inch to the length and width of the pillow covers if the shape of the pillow you are using is stiff.

Align the front and rear halves of the pillow so that the sides touching the hair. Thread a sewing needle with black, brown or white thread. Choose thread that matches the color of the cowhide.

Thing three sides of the cover pad together, ensuring that the sides are aligned. Pin in the corners of the pillowcase. Flip the pillow cover inside out to expose the texture of cowhide. Insert the pillow form.

Finally, to make cowhide pillows, seal the last part of the pillow cover open or carefully using a slipstitch Overstitch. Adjust the pad in a place where there is little sunlight.

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