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Build Race Car Beds for Toddlers

August 21, 2018 Furniture Ideas

How to Make a Pallet Coffee Table

In this tutorial we explain in a simple way, how to make a marvelous pallet coffee table, you can follow some steps below as your guidence. We teach you step by step to make this pallet table to decorate a dining room or kitchen.

Steps by step to make pallet coffee table

First we have to remove one of the pallets. His pieces serve to make table legs, strengthen and covering spaces.

Central table legs pallet we take three tables we removed and screwed in a ‘U’ to the legs. This process will repeat two or three times, as long the table and if we need four or six legs. We can break the legs with cross planks to ensure the stability and support of our table.

Legs screwed to the main pallet.

Fill the gaps between the boards of the pallet making table. To use the tables that we have separated from the other pallet. If they are closer will be easier to attach. Otherwise, use sandpaper to suit each space or an electric toothbrush to lower them. Pallet coffee table of legs can make a similar table, but instead of legs pallets, pieces of wood to get the height you want and anchor them to the main pallet.

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