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August 13, 2018 Kitchen and Dining

How to Make a Wine Riddling Rack

Ridding rack for wines offer a convenient and effective way to store bottles of wine. They work equally well for easy access to wines that guards at hand for meals every day or to enjoy a long-term storage for older you want to save for special occasions. Unfortunately, buying wine shelves often involves a compromise in design, capacity or price. So make one on your own, personalized, using common tools and inexpensive materials can be an ideal solution.

Prepare the sides and the supports for the bottles. Then creates bottle holders cutting the piece of wood remaining half of both dimensions to form four tables 3 by 24 inches (7.5 by 60 cm). Make indentations in the tables. Cut each of the long side of each table, one inch (2.5 cm) of each corner (these are two notches by side, four notches table). Creating a wine riddling rack strong and stable.

Drill supports the bottle. Check the fit. Check the slots arming wine riddling rack with two bottle holders (one with longbows and one with small bows) placed on both sides. If everything fits well to the wine shelves are full, but might want to disarm them and take the time to add a layer or two of dyeing or polyurethane.

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