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September 1, 2018 Fireplace

How to Make Mantel Fireplace

For some people, the mantel fireplace is a messy place or a hodgepodge of family portraits. Create a unique look by decorating the mantel with artistic flair, integrating the pieces and creating a place that attracts attention.

Mantel fireplace integrates the elements that give emphasis architectural design of the fireplace and mantel. Medium plaster columns can embellish the sides of the chimney. You can also place a bow tack back wall that extends from one corner of the ledge to the other corner.

Finally, you can paint the mantel fireplace and backsplash. Stones natural or bricks can give it a rustic touch that requires no more than clean some dust. Fashioned wood or tiles may need just a little polishing or a layer of protective varnish. However, in the case of other materials, you can paint them with an interesting and neutral color, gloss or satin little to easy to clean. Hang or supports a large mirror or some artwork on the back wall of the shelf. If you hang a work of art, choose big, bold images that you can see from across the room. A work of art diptych or triptych can also be shocking.

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