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October 11, 2018 Home Ideas

How to Make Sidelight Window Blinds

Sidelight window blinds – Make thin curtains for windows on each side of a front door keeps prying eyes from looking into your foyer or front hall and controls the amount of light coming through the windows. Usually, a curtain double pocket works well for this type of curtains with a light or sheer fabric to allow a little light, but only to the extent you want. Sew a curtain double pocket it will only take a few minutes once their rods are in place. Wash, dry and iron their sheer fabric to remove the sizing. This will keep the curtains in the laundry to shrink the first time you wash them.

Measure the width of the sidelight window blinds. Multiply this amount by two to the width of the curtain panels. Measure the length of your curtain rods from the top of the bar top to the bottom edge of the bottom bar. Add 4 inches to the length of the curtain panel. Transparent fabric cut to this size. Fold the edge of the fabric to the back of quarter-inch. Double this fold in the back 1/4 inch pin. Sew a hem stitch around all sides of the fabric.

Fold the top edge of the fabric to the back of 1-1 / 2 inches and pin. Fold the bottom edge of the back 1-1 / 2 inches and pin. Sew along the hem edge 1-3 / 8 inches from the top and 1-3 / 8 inches from the bottom. Slide the sidelight window blinds through the upper and lower pockets and hang your curtain rods.

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