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September 13, 2018 Desk, Furniture Ideas

How to Repair Halogen Floor Lamp

How many flashing halogen floor lamp you have in your house? How many bulbs you bought, only to realize that the new bulbs not fixed the problem? Please read all these steps, tips and warnings completely before attempting to follow. Identifies the reason why the lamp (lighting device) does not work the most common reasons are:

A burnt-out bulb. The bulb socket is rusty, burnt, corroded or broken to the point that does not provide adequate electrical connection with the contacts of the bulb. The transformer is overheated and a winding has “done short” or was “open”. The control (on-off or dimmer) if any, is failing. Plug the cable (which carries the voltage of the wall socket to the device) or the wiring between the control and the transformer or transformer to the bulb socket is open, or made shorter. Search for parts and cable insulation that is discolored, burned, broken, etc.

Halogen floor lamp determines the device value or replacement cost. The time or cost of repair does not guarantee repair. You should review the warnings listed below before trying. Be careful to avoid burns. Give enough time for a lamp to cool down before doing any troubleshooting. The lamps, while hot can cause serious burns.

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