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September 14, 2018 Cabinet

How to Repair Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets Doors

There are many important things you should keep in mind to have good kitchen design including with nice Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets. Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets are quality and very popular among people. However, even the screws on the hinges of the doors of Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets quality as they can loosen and come off the frame. Over time and with use this surely happen, especially if there are children in the home. Repairs screws loose at the hinges with screws to replace and a Phillips screwdriver.


  1. Keep Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets door in the frame and align the holes for the screws on the hinge with the screw holes in the frame. This is most easily accomplished with the help of another person.
  2. Inserting the screws through the holes of the screw in the hinge and through the holes in the frame by hand. Make sure the screws twisting them directly into the holes. Install the screw at the top of each hinge first to help hold the door in place. Insert the other screws through the remaining holes in the hinge and frame.
  3. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Do not over tighten, but make sure they are tight. The screws longer reach deeper into the frame and are anchored in solid wood. This will ensure hinge door in Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets.
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