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January 21, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

How to Ticking Fabric

Ticking fabric – Embroider a name by hand gives a personal touch to gifts, such as shirts, sheets and towels. Prior to the first stitch, write the name on paper to help you measure the size of the letters and the spaces between them. Experiment with different fonts: print, italics or small symbols combined between the letters. It is embroidery with satin stitch, which is a variation of the straight stitch, to give the name embroidered a subtle sheen.

Use a pencil to mark the name on a sheet of paper. Create the letters so that they conform to the desired space, if necessary. For example, to ticking fabric a name in a Pocket, write the letters so that they conform to the width of the Pocket.

It continues with these straight stitches to cover the marked lines of each letter. The stitches can be long or short, depending on the shape of the letter. If a long stitch is not as well, try making two shorter stitches. For example, the top of the letter “T” may require shorter stitches to ticking fabric recreate a longer stitch. This type of stitches will have a satin sheen.

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