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January 26, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

How to Toilet Paper Holder Stand

An independent toilet paper holder stand on the wall frees up space and avoids uncomfortable placements that can cause problems for users of advanced age obese or less agile. The design calls for round discs of a kind used for the manufacture of plates, small tables or lamp bases, but could also cut your own wood stock of appropriate size, using a jigsaw and routing or sanding the edges to give form.

How to toilet paper holder stand is Locate the centers of both wooden disks with a ruler. Draw a line from one side of the disc to the other, and then measure and mark the midpoint. (In this case, 2 inches to 4 inches disc 6 inches to 12 inches disk). The place where the two lines meet is the center.

How to toilet paper holder stand are Average Mark inch from the edge, on the underside of disc 12 inches, each of the four points where the lines drawn in step 1 cross the edge. (These should be equally spaced; as they mark the points on the feet of the owner will go). Use the pilot hole as a guide to drill a larger whole 1/2 inch deep at the top of the small disk, using the 1/2 inch blade tip.

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