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Free Standing Pantry: Perfect for Small Space

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February 5, 2019 Pantry & Kitchens

Ideas Decorating Zinc Countertops

Zinc countertops – For a kitchen or bathroom with industrial chic style of zinc tops. It is similar to stainless steel, but eventually a lovely patina that resembles pewter develops. Requiring only a few simple tools, a zinc countertop is easy for the average homeowner to install.

Measuring the length, thickness and width of the top layer plywood base, and the location for dimensions of the sink. Mark the dimensions on a sheet of zinc countertops and zinc cut using tin snips or metal break. Cut out the location of the sink using tin snips and a drill to create a hole where you can insert the tin snips to start cutting into the metal where the sink and other accessories fit.

Fix the sheet of zinc to the top of the bottom layer of plywood zinc countertops using an adhesive layer of heavy duty construction. Set a sheet of plywood or cardboard on top of zinc and weigh it down with heavy boxes, books or weights. Hold down the zinc sheet near the edges of the table using strips of wood to protect the zinc from scratches and dents.

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