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April 12, 2019 Door & Windows

Ideas to Hang Door Beads Curtain

Door beads curtain – Hang a beaded curtain in the door of your kitchen or porch. Beaded curtains keep insects out of a screened porch without blocking the flow of air. They are also useful to block the view of the kitchen while allowing you to easily enter and leave the room with his hands full. Acrylic beads are molded on the strings, while wood and bamboo beads are individually strike hit. Both styles are easy to hang.

Door beads curtain measure the width of your doorway. If your beaded curtain with a bar at the top, you can use a hacksaw to cut off the excess width. When your curtain has a single pattern, cut off half the extra length at each end, so your pattern will remain centered. If you have an acrylic bead curtain, pry off the end cap before cutting bar. Replace the cap before you hang in the bar.

Door beads curtain use a hammer and a small nail to make a starter hole for cup hooks at the top of the doorway. Make holes one inch in from the edge of the door frame on each side. Drive nails into 1/2 inch and remove it. Screw cup hooks in hand. Hanging bar of the curtain on the cup hooks. Also use scissors to cut the excess width off a curtain with fabric top. Zigzag stitches edges to prevent fraying or sealing them with a fray-preventing liquid.

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