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April 9, 2019 Furniture Ideas

Inspired Traditional living room designs

Massimo is now devoted to the creation of accessories ranging from creative lighting objects to contemporary furniture traditional living room designs. Then he explains how he managed to adapt a modern decorative design to a classic Victorian house. When renewing any traditional living room designs, you must first return all the original elements as they were, as wall paneling, marble fireplaces, sash windows, etc. From there, and in this particular case, what we have done is to choose a neutral color palette of green and gray to give a touch of freshness to the room tone.

Finally, we added finishes and textures that are not normally found in typical living rooms in Victorian style as floor V-shaped French-style guitars on the walls or metal lamps Buster & Punch wiring exposed. It is these small details that give this space a very personal and unique touch. There is no exact science in terms of interior decoration is concerned, if done with passion and not afraid to experiment, you can decorate any space inherently fabulous way.  The combination of dark furniture with dark walls is not something you see very often in traditional living room designs, what it is that led you to lean on this decorative scheme

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