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August 31, 2018 Fan

Install Remote Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

You can install a remote Harbor Breeze ceiling fans to operate your ceiling fan from anywhere in the room. A remote control gives you the convenience of adjusting the fan speed, dimming the fan or just turning the fan off at the same time without leaving the comfort of your armchair or bed. The remote also gives you the ability to operate independently of the ceiling fan light without installing additional wiring. Harbor Breeze is a brand owned by Lowe.

Turn off the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans at maximum fan speed. Turn on the lights to the ceiling fan. Turn off the electricity supply to the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan in the main breaker panel. Stand on a ladder and remove the four screws on the top of the deck. Removing the screws allows the engine cover drop ceiling fan. This exposes the wiring ceiling fan and hanging bracket attached to the ceiling electrical box.

Unscrew the cable connectors that hold the cables white Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and ceiling electrical box. Pull apart the two white wires. Remove the remaining cable connector ceiling fan disconnecting cables fan black ceiling black and blue wire electrical box. Do not disconnect the green wire from the ceiling fan electrical box of bare copper wire.

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