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June 29, 2018 Bathroom

Installing Medicine Cabinets with Lights

Installing medicine cabinets with lights is the same as installing any other light fixture in the house. As long as you have the box tormacorrientes in the bathroom ready to use, this project will not take much more than an hour of your time.  Instructions: Disconnect power from the bathroom. You’ll be working with a box of exposed circuitry, so it is essential that you reduce to a minimum the risks. Search the circuit box in which you are connecting your new lighting fixture. Locate the electrical wires to be connected to the new fixture.

Connect the wires from your new lighting fixture to the corresponding wires in the fuse box to make sure the new medicine cabinets with lights function properly. Connect the electricity in the bathroom. Try the new fixture to make sure it is properly connected, then quit to fix the fuse box. Once you are sure that the light is functioning properly, turn off the power again before continuing.

Connect the new medicine cabinets with lights to the fuse box. Use screws and standard screwdriver to fix the lighting device in the cabinet. Once the fixture is attached to the fuse box, go ahead and reconnected to the power of the bathroom.

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