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November 27, 2018 Door & Windows

Jalousie Windows are Unique Design

What is jalousie windows? Keep reading and enjoy it to get more information. Word “Jalousie” derives from French word “jealous”, i.e. jealousy. In connection with name of window, this could refer to base construction, which allows person inside to look out, while those outside cannot see in.

Unlike traditional windows that open from bottom, design of jalousie windows allows entire window opening, increasing flow of air through a house. This feature not only cools house, but also helps to disperse odor of a kitchen. Downward slope of panels allows windows to remain open during rain without water entering house. Variety of styles available, including color and frosted glass, adds to versatility of windows jalousie. This feature them an attractive option for bathrooms ago. Design offers privacy while reducing steam. Individual panel’s windows jalousie is easily replaceable. If one panel is broken, there is no need to replace entire window.

Window blinds are relatively easy to maintain. Parts jalousie windows, including windows grids, frame and crank operation are readily available. Washing a window jalousie is longer than most standard windows. It is possible to wash windows of energy, taking care to aim hose down so that water does not enter house. Panels can be removed and washed separately.

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