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King Size Platform Storage Bed Ideas

King size platform storage bed – The simplest type of bed, platform beds are usually built close to the ground, and most of the time without headboards or stirrups. Japanese futons are used more famous with king size platform storage bed, but many European and Scandinavian countries have been sleeping on platform beds for hundreds of years as well. Buying a king size king size platform storage bed will probably cost a large sum of money, so it is good news to make your own is not only much cheaper than buying one, but is not that difficult either.

Plan a recess, 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep at the ends of edge 10 – inch boards 76 inches, which will become the ends of the bed. Place the boards 78 inches at intervals of 38 inches, sitting on their 2 – inch sides. Run a line of glue along the recesses, reinsert the ends of the boards, making sure they are at right angles, then hold and let dry. This is the framework, 76 by 80 inches long, for a standard king size platform storage bed.

Pre-drill three holes, evenly spaced across the front of bed ends, in the recesses and the ends of the adjacent side planks 78 inches.  Bolt bed frame together through pre drilled holes. Remove the clamps. Centro of a board 84 inches, which will serve as a flat bed on the bed frame. Set the remaining strips evenly spaced on the frame, there should be about 2 inches between each slat. Arena whole king size platform storage bed, then stain or varnish, as desired.

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