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January 6, 2019 Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Doors

Kitchen cabinet replacement doors – Measure your doors and drawers to have the exact specifications. Removes old doors and drawers. Remove the screws on the hinges of the doors and put all the pieces aside to be discarded. Evaluates drawers. If you have a four-sided box with a plate on the front, you can remove all the plaque on the front of the drawer. To three sides of a drawer, the drawer cabinet removed. Cut the outstanding panel on each side of the drawer with a saw.

Kitchen cabinet replacement doors, place the new hinges to the sections for the cabinet with a drill. Fixed the doors of the hinges . Open and close the door several times to make sure you are properly positioned. Adjust the screws and hinges until doors are secure.

Put new drawer fronts drilling a hole from within the drawer to the front. Place the new board for the drawer at the front. Fixed plate with screws . Make a hole for placing the frame for this drawer from the inside through the front plate. Secure it with the screw. Drill holes for the kitchen cabinet replacement doors to the designated place. Une frame with screws .

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