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March 3, 2019 Furniture Ideas

Make Contemporary Outdoor Furniture from PVC

Contemporary outdoor furniture – Creates a rectangular shape using two 45 inch segments and a pair of 22-inch segments. Repeat to form a second identical rectangle. Joining the two rectangles placing a tube segment 20 inches between each connector section three sides.  Place a corner connector three sides at both ends 21 of a piece of 1/2 inch PVC pipe. A section should be facing up and the other out. Repeat with another piece of pipe 21 1/2 inches. Place a 18-inch segment in openings that are out. Place a 12-inch segment in each opening is up.

A connector positioned at four sides of each termination segment 12 inches. Inserting a segment of 6 inches in the top of each connector. Fill the rectangle placing segments contemporary outdoor furniture 18 inches and 21 1/2 inches into the appropriate holes. Chair placed at an angle so that the short segments (18 inches) are sideways.

Form the back of the chair by placing a T-shaped connector behind 6-inch segments. Put another segment 6 inches up on both sides. Post an elbow connector on each segment. Sets a segment of 21 1/2 inches between both connectors. Place a heavy piece of plywood for the seat. Add a cushion to make contemporary outdoor furniture more comfortable.

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