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November 26, 2018 Interior & Furnitures

How To Make EKTORP Sofa

Ector sofa is a very easy to integrate into any decor, plus a very economical piece. In some forums decoration I have seen that like a lot, but given its low price raises many questions about its quality. I have two Ector and the experience is good in general terms, but I would like to share with you some details about this versatile sofa. Of the two Ector, one was bought nine years ago and the other for four. This detail seems to have no importance, it is essential, since the two have different results because IKEA is changing manufacturing processes of its products according to the customer experience. The first sofa has a good result. There have been no major problems, but the last couple of years, when sitting on the soft crunch of the wooden frame is appreciated, but does not affect the use or display any retail piece second were more problematic as the year of buy, the centerpiece supporting the seat broke. It was made of wood, chipboard and could not withstand the continuous use. This is where service assurance IKEA comes into play, since after the visit of an expert they sent us –How to Make EKTORP Sofa a new couch.

This third sofa had how to make EKTORP Sofa already replaced the piece of wood by a steel beam, much sturdier. Today, the latter presents no problem couch, behaving solidly in use. The final evaluation of the product would be 8.5 out of 10.Structure: the latest models incorporate a stronger than previous ones, with solid wood beams and metal reinforcements, which represent a major improvement structure. Covers resistant and suitable for dyeing. Zippers backups are too weak and not stand up well to use, and over time break down.   Seats: they are made with a base of polyurethane foam high elasticity and a small cushion on top of feathers and shredded polyester, which makes them comfortable and non

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Deformable, retaining their good looks effortless how to make EKTORP Sofa. Backups: are made of hollow polyester fibers, offering comfort and stability. Although faced with a prolonged weight, such as two cats napping, deform, quickly regain form with a little help. Comfort: very comfortable, so as to stretch remaining seated throughout. Warranty

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