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January 26, 2019 Lamp & Lightings

How to Make Tubular Skylight

Tubular skylight allows natural light to enter through a small structure dome-type roof by a diffuser tube and reach a room. Take advantage of solar power and install one skylight. Compared to the flat roof, tubular skylights are usually easier to install, requiring only an afternoon.

Instructions to make tubular skylight: locate the beams liner when finding the ideal location for the skylight. Make a big enough hole to pass a hanger. Go up in the attic and find the hanger. Light over of flashlight between the hanger and beam. Make a second hole in the roof. Insert a hanger for the second hole.

Go up on the roof. Center the edge of the skylight on the hanger. Trace the inside diameter of the edges on the roof using chalk. Use a hand saw to make the cut carefully. Screw the edges in place and install tiles around to create a sealant. Tape the area where the tiles are the edges and let it dry.

Install the dome of the skylight. Clean the area if necessary. Align carpets on the floor directly below the ceiling where the pipe will be installed to make cleaning easier. Select the outer lines of the hole in the ceiling and cut with a saw for plaster.

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Mount the tube connecting the tube sections to achieve the distance between the liner and the roof. Insert the tube through the hole liner and secure it on the roof just below the edges using aluminum tape. Wrap the joints of the tubular sections of the skylight with a thread sealer, to strengthen.

Screw and tighten the hoop in the lining around the skylight. Gift section of the tubular skylight is connecting the liner with aluminum tape.

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