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September 8, 2018 Furniture Ideas

Making a Floor Lamp Shades from Japanese Paper

Lamp floor shades will be the simple focal point in your own room both for living room and bedroom will give particular look into your own room into more valuable. A lamp floor shades from paper Japanese style is an attractive way acclimate a room. Its soft glow can give an air of calm to the room, while the lamp itself is an attractive piece. Made with simple materials like paper and wire, these lamps give style and elegance to the decor of your home or office. You can make floor lamps paper Japanese style with materials you can find in stores home improvement or craft.


  1. Make the screen frame with wire. Use photos, floor lamp shades from Japanese magazines, catalogs and websites for inspiration in the form of the screen.
  2. Cuts the paper in wide sections that are slightly longer than the space between each frame structure.
  3. With a brush, placed outside the glue frame wire. Do it in sections, covering all parts with wire in a section between structures covering a piece of paper. Gently press the paper onto the frame with glue before it dries
  4. With the brush puts glue on the wire inside the top of the screen and fold the edges of paper inward, pressing and making a finished edge.
  5. Put the lamp finished on the base, and your floor lamp shades from Japanese style is ready for use.
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