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October 7, 2018 Home Designs

Making Decorative Bookends Tiles

Leftover or recycled tiles are an inexpensive way to create decorative bookends. Since the tiles are available in many colors, textures, styles and patterns that are useful in making bookends that coordinate with any decor. Creating tiles bookends requires little time or expense and adds complementary color and texture to your bookshelf.

Wash the tiles with a brush and warm soapy water if recycling them from another project. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft towel. Glue two tiles back to back with the hot glue gun and repeat this with the other tabs until you have four sets of two. This allows the decorative parts to display on your decorative bookends. If the books on its shelves are thick and heavy volumes, stick three or four tables together to create the thickness and the weight you want.

Place two sets of tiles with the hot glue gun to form an “L”. Form another form of “L” with the other two sets of tiles. Use decorative bookends as they are if you want to add ornaments. Cut two flowers silk flowers with pliers. Choose flowers that match the colors of the room. Allow the glue to dry. This adds a unique touch to the bookends that looks attractive in a living room, study or bedroom of a girl.

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