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August 13, 2018 Home Designs

Making Teak Shower Stool

Teak shower stool – This makes it ideal material for building bathroom accessories. Get rid of your bath mat fabric and create a custom library. This platform has a natural smooth wood teak slip surface while giving your bathroom a subtle natural glow. The spaces between the slats teak allow water to drain down, minimizing dirt on the top surface.

Measure sections 36 inches long teak slats and draw a line through each strip to indicate a cut. Mark enough sections to create 12 pieces. Do the same with 24-inch sections, scoring three parts. He saw teak shower stool planks cut lines marked, creating 12 sections measuring 36 inches long and 3 sections measuring 24 inches long.

Sand the surfaces, the ends and edges of the 15 pieces of teak shower stool. Start with a medium sandpaper grain, then move to a sandpaper fine grain. Sand all tables until the wood is smooth and free of imperfections on the surface. Place the 12 longer sections of wood on the work surface with the larger flat end facing the table and the shorter sides in contact with each other. Create a block by placing all 12 pieces next to each other, laying them horizontally. Place a measuring rod in one end of the strip block.

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