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May 16, 2018 Tile & Granites

Mother of Pearl Tile

Mother of pearl tile – Mother of Pearl is natural organic minerals created by living organisms. Mollusks such as oysters and abalone secrete a protein that contains calcium carbonate to produce these wonderful, hard minerals. Mother of Pearl can be done in jewelry, buttons, and tabs and cut silky designs to use as decoration of wood. These minerals are usually white bright or colorful, but can also be a light grey in color.

Buy mother of Pearl or ceramic pieces. This can be oyster or shells called New Zealand Paula Shell. Mother of pearl tile varies in color and thick, so try to choose pieces that coincide with or without for your project or inlaid jewelry. Use paper and pencil to draw the desired shape and size pieces of mother of Pearl. Safety glasses and be careful with circular saws for cutting or punching of parts that have charted.

Use sandpaper or a grinding stone for finishing each piece with a smooth edge. Next to using mother of pearl tile pieces that are cut to form jewelry only or as a designer works in box, embedded wood tables and sideboards.

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