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September 12, 2018 Desk

Organizing a Glass Corner Desk

If you purchased a glass corner desk, you’ve probably noticed that everything below the table is very visible. You can view all cables underneath the desk surface and can look messy and disorganized because you see everything on the table and everything on the floor.


  1. Clean all glass tables with a damp cloth and glass cleaner. Since it is a desk surface glass, cup marks, coffee stains or fingerprints may remain on the surface.
  2. Use upholders or pens to store your writing devices. If you have multiple devices, such as pens, pencils and markers, consider getting a cup for each type of device.
  3. Place your computer and lamp in a glass corner desk. Making light does not shine directly on the screen, but if you do it is very close not only provides adequate lighting when working late at night.
  4. Collect all computer cables and lamp together and use small plastic locks to keep them grouped and organized. Tape both cables to the table leg so that the leg conceals all wiring from the glass corner desk.
  5. Avoid placing printers, scanners and other electronic devices on the desk surface. Place them in a shelving unit that is next to the desktop or store them away until you need them.
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