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Best Closet Organizing Tips

Closet Organizing Tips

February 21, 2019 Furniture Ideas

Organizing Closet to Get More Out of your Space

Organizing closet is key to maintaining order at home topic. Today, from Kibuc, we are going to give some advice on how we should organize clothes considering the most common items that we usually have throughout the year.

Organizing closet. Ways to organize the clothes hanging, organizational expert recommends organize clothes on hangers following a color gradient, starting with white and following up the darker tones. In this way more easily locates the garment we seek. For pants, we have two options, multiple hangers -caben up to four one- pants. For shirts to prevent wrinkling and twisting, we think a good option is to hang in slip hangers with the top button fastened. For skirts, the best are the hangers with clips, which can hang more than one.

Organizing closet. Attaching the folded clothes. Regarding folded clothes, we can use the shelves for the more voluminous, sweaters and shirts, and drawers for underwear and accessories. For tees, is very practical sort them by color and place them on stairs. Thus, the upper garment always reveals a part of the bottom. In general, when to fold not to do more than three folds, since the garment wins and takes up more volume.

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