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November 27, 2018 Interior & Furnitures

Overdyed Rugs Modern Design

Overdyed rugs – These carpets have been inspired by designs of traditional and timeless carpets, with a modern twist. Since the pure wool coat based on the Anatolia carpets have wonderful detail to the raised level obtained through the use of artificial silk which gives them depth.

The overdyed rugs available in a number of different colors to more vibrant and dynamic tones, these rugs provide, therefore, a sense of harmony and contrast in almost any space. The original interlaced fringes make each rug a unique and elegant decor element.

These rugs are made from carefully selected oriental carpets were subject to neutralization process before a single color dyed with new colors as well. To achieve optimal results only natural carpet dyed and natural cotton fibers are used. This carpet has the most vibrant colors and fashionable colors for a more harmonious.

A common feature in all cases is that the dye through the original design of the carpet is perceived. The overdyed rugs Oriental rug can be a fun way to add color to both a modern home as one classic. I love carpets over dyed, the aspect of spending patterns in the spilled color reminds me landscapes seen through fogged glass.

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