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August 15, 2018 Home Appliances

Where to Place a Broom Closet

When planning the design and operation of a house, the broom closet sometimes given little consideration, but is one of the most frequented places in a home. Homeowners spend part of each day or week doing housework routine, and a broom cupboard well equipped and organized makes complete tasks much easier. Placing a broom closet is as individual as a home is another.

Place a broom closet where space permits. Many new homes are designed with a broom closet as part of the laundry room. But if your house is not designed with this feature, part of the kitchen is also a good place for the broom closet. It is the only room that is more central to most cleanings. A corner of the nearby garage, if your home has one, is also a good choice.

If you lack the space to devote himself exclusively to a broom closet, pantry use part of the back of a door or in the corner of any room. Above all the great houses, it will save time to have a broom closet on each floor to accommodate cleaning room on both levels. Buy a storage cabinet and inexpensive outfit with hooks for storing tools and supplies.

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