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September 15, 2018 Bathroom

Preparing for Winter Outdoor Shower Valve

Outdoor shower valve – During the summer, your outdoor shower cools you from heat and is a practical way to refresh after work and play outdoors. But when the cold of winter comes, freezing temperatures can burst pipes and damage the shower attachment unless the shower is ready for winter. Includes garden shower in your list of maintenance tasks late autumn. With careful preparation, you are ready to re-use your shower within minutes when temperatures more warm return in the spring.

Locate outdoor shower valve  in piping hot water and cold water to reach the shower outdoors. Turn each valve handle clockwise until it will not move further away to cut the water supply. Turn handles shower faucet to the position “open”. Let the water run freely draining pipes. Leave faucet in position “open” to prevent moisture remaining in the tubes to accumulate and expand the pipes bursting in freezing conditions.

Remove the shower head gently outward turning of the upper pipe. Reverses the shower head to drain the remaining water. Save this piece inside until spring when configuring the outdoor shower again.

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