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August 1, 2018 Rack

Project for Stackable Shoe Rack

Stackable shoe rack – Piles of shoes quickly accumulate and create disorder in a cupboard otherwise impeccable. The shoe racks are reliable to organize and store several pairs of shoes in options space limited. However, many shoe racks are just large enough to hold a few pairs of shoes, buy enough racks in the shoe store to support your growing collection of shoes can be expensive. Make your own shoe racks with inexpensive materials that can expand with each new pair of shoes you buy.

This stackable shoe rack is the furniture that you need if you have a lot of shoes and do not spare the space at home. It is a shoemaker with 2 double shelves and a capacity for 16 pairs of shoes can be mounted stacked, multiplying capacity without sacrificing make useful floor at home. This furniture allows you to mount two shoemakers (4 double shelves) one above the other, and offering a total capacity of 32 pairs of shoes in the same space.

The stackable shoe rack is made in melamine of high quality, highly durable material for daily use and 100% non-porous, which prevents the growth of bacteria or parasites, with finishes available in matte white and gray ash. Requires assembly (includes instructions) and if any parts get broken or lost on the way.

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