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Replacing Doors Shower Stall Curtains

When we want to improve the appearance of our room bathroom, took an option to remove the shower doors with shower stall curtains ; since it is difficult to clean and have long installed when sometimes stop working well. Although this project may seem difficult, time consuming removing doors and replace shower stall curtains.


  1. Place a sheet in the tub to prevent small parts from falling into the drain. The sheet also serves to protect the finish of the tub.
  2. Remove the screw that secures the upper side rails shower stall curtains with a Phillips screwdriver lane. The screw is on the side of the bath under the shower door
  3. Take out the screws that secure the side rails to the wall with the same screwdriver. Use a utility knife to remove the sealant is between the side rails and walls. Roll the lanes shower stall curtains starting from the top and move it out of the wall
  4. Push the plastic anchors into the holes in the case of not having beam. Align the mounting brackets on the wall and attach them with screws. Place the rod into the brackets. Hook the shower stall curtains.
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