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August 5, 2018 Unique & Antiques

Saving Antique Quilts Ideas

Antique quilts are fragile artworks to be stored properly. Museums quilts rotate in and out of storage on a regular basis to ensure the longevity of their businesses. When it appears, it should be hung to distribute the weight of the quilt and sewing evenly and keep out of direct sunlight. When storing quilts, institutions, and must protect the elements that can damage them. To clean an antique quilts put on a floor sweeping and covers with a piece of clean glass screen. Vacuuming with an attack by hand suction screen to remove dust and debris.

If the blanket is the smell, consider laying out on a cloudy day to ventilate. Place the quilt on top of an old white sheet for a few hours, but put it on immediately if the sun comes out. Be careful not to expose the wet blanket; if moisture is trapped in their coats, let it dry completely before storing. Place the flat blanket, face up, to judge where you have to bend to fit in the glove compartment. Fold the blanket, rather than bend to that size. Fill paper folds Free Stock acid, so that compress and bend when in storage. After making the initial fill folds and pull the rug freely up and down to fit within the confines of the box.

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Wrap the blanket roll paper Free Stock acid to prevent dust is deposited on its surface. No paper tape closed. Enter your quilt in a storage box acid free age. Place the top of the box and seal it with tape only acid-free storage to prevent dust and pollutants in the air. Check the box with the name of the antique quilts and all relevant information it has in its creator, origin, and his name and when he entered storage. This preserves the ancient origin of the quilt for future generations.

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