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December 18, 2018 Cabinet

Selection of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Good food is the foundation of every family. If you are looking to buy a new kitchen or restructure existing, you’re right. We offer a wide range of kitchen, sectoral and blocks, from which you can choose the savings and the true connoisseur. For greater clarity and ease of selection we have categorized the kitchen in categories according to their width. So you can go directly to the desired size and choose from the current bid for RTA kitchen cabinets.

In JENA furniture keeps pace with the times, so you can choose the kitchen, where you will be cooking fun. Block Solutions RTA kitchen cabinets are available in different varieties, and therefore would not be a problem to choose the most suitable for you. It is often accompanied by hanging cabinets above the hood (supplied kitchen without electrical appliances). Kitchen cabinets can be purchased with a width of 180 cm. widest cuisine on offer is a line of kitchen block with a total length of 260 cm.

If you are more inclined to classic view kitchen and prefer a natural feel, know that the menu JENA-furniture will definitely choose. Pleasant appearance of the kitchen along with practicality and reasonable price – this is the main characteristic of the dishes from our menu. Cheap kitchen cabinets can be purchased during the ongoing operation has about four thousand CZK. If you do not have enough space in your kitchen and looking for a simple solution space, do not miss the kitchen cabinets offers block. Smaller block length of 180 cm are popular and suitable for placement in holiday cottages and prefabricated buildings.

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To RTA kitchen cabinets, supplied without a sink, it is possible to order it and get a fully functional kitchen is ready for use.

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