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September 6, 2018 Fan

Setting ceiling fan pulls for cooling in summer

Ceiling fan pulls will be very interesting you should have to add decorative design in your room also to make it as excellent room with good fan. Ceiling fan pulls are a great way to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Fan blades rotate and move air, allowing the room air is cooler or warmer.

ceiling fan pulls have a switch that turns the blades sideways to bring up the cooler air at the ceiling or counterclockwise to lower the warm air down.


  1. Turn off the ceiling fan pulls. Switch that adjusts the air flow direction is into the mechanism to which the fan blades are adjusted so need they are quiet to adjust the fan to cool.
  2. Search the switch. This moves up or down. Move it down to cool during the summer. During the winter, move up to take the warm air back down.
  3. To test the ceiling fan pulls and ensure that it is blowing air downwards, take a handkerchief and stand under the fan. Hold the scarf under the fan on. Drop the handkerchief. The scarf should fall. In winter, with the switch in the up position, the scarf will go up.
  4. A simple way to remember the address of the switch is summer / down, winter / up. Or I think of it as summer / south, winter / north. Use your ceiling fan with an air conditioner to reduce energy costs.
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