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August 12, 2018 Interior & Furnitures

Shiplap Siding Austin Texas

Shiplap siding is a popular building material that is designed to create a watertight shell around the outside of your home. The braid pattern creates a traditional tablet appearance, while providing superior protection against water.

Shiplap siding installed from the bottom of the house, fix the cladding panels or posts with nails, and work your way, fitting the pieces, to give your home a consistent protection from the elements.

Pay attention and use your chalk line and level to solve the baseline for the first course of siding. Finding the lowest point of the foundation of the house, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how high from low to place the first course of siding. Patterns will mark the bottom of the first course shiplap siding. Then put the first row facing the wall. Use corrosion resistant nails. Nail “split” with a blunt end and a narrow shaft which is recommended by many manufacturers.

In addition, shiplap siding uses a ring-shanked nails can improve grip. The length and type of nails is recommended depending on the thickness of the layer that is installed and the type of wood. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the size and the type of nails used.

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