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July 30, 2018 Fan

Silencing a Ceiling Fan Parts That Buzzes

Ceiling fan parts do circulate the air in a room, making conditions more pleasant interior, but some owners complain about the noise they emit. Many of these complaints stem from the buzz that does not dissipate when the fan runs at a slower speed. Ringing in a ceiling fan is usually caused by engine vibration, noise and volume depends on the assembly, housing and blades. Many modern fans come with pieces muted hum, but sometimes these parts fail.

You may need to install spare parts on the fans with silencing a ceiling fan parts that buzzes when running at low speed, and other parts may have to be adjusted to mute the ringing.


1. Add the rubber spacers between the bracket and the ceiling and between the blades and their supports.

2. Place the rubber washers between the bracket and the motor flange.

3. Replace the rubber wheel (which connects the blade holders to motor fans more expensive roof) when wear and dispose. Could be difficult to find a flyer parts for older models.

4. Make operate for 12 to 24 hours those new ceiling fan parts and those who have not been used in a while.

5. Check the power switch connected to your ceiling fan. Sometimes the power switch produces a buzz when the fan is running.

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