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August 11, 2018 Small Furnitures

Small Starburst Mirror Art Deco Design

Small starburst mirror – Originating in Paris, achieved the Art Deco design its heyday between the mid 1920s and 1940s, to gain prominence in the fashion world of art, architecture and interior design. The style celebrated lush and high-end living with the help of stylish and streamlined design. This lavish style died with the arrival of World War II, the world has made sacrifices for the war effort and sought to live simply. However, you can decorate your home with art deco interior with simple and affordable effort.

Art Deco design has a collection of geometric shapes and patterns. As a result, you can choose carpets, curtains or wall stencil designs that have such chevron pattern, checkerboard, small starburst mirror or inlaid wood designs. Art Deco hotel also emphasize the sweeping curves. You can add curves to any room in the form of crown molding, bowl-shaped floor lamps, slip-shade fixtures and desk lamps with shell-shaped heads. You can also implement this style through your interior with curved sectional sofas, chairs, barrels, round pedestal tables and circular ottomans.

Adorning the rooms with accessories that have an Eastern or “exotic” subjects, they show scenes or figures from ancient Egypt or the Far East. Female nude was another Art Deco motif. Small starburst mirror or zigzag patterns were widely used.

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