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January 28, 2019 Lamp & Lightings

Special Ideas Moravian Star Light

Hi guys! This is special post that will focus of special Moravian star light. Moravian Star is a star of 26 points translucent used as a Christmas decoration. Some people hang a star of 21 inches above the door of his house during the holidays. Moravian star light many stars have a small light bulb inside, which is illuminated at night. If you want to hang your star Moravia, you need a strategy to get light hanging and connected undecorated become a messy tangle of cables. Turn screw metal hook in ceiling where you want light to hang. Screw hooks are hooks with screw cap on one end that can be woven on a ceiling by hand, and can be found in shops of building supply.

Cut a string about two meters in length and attach it to the top of the starlight of Moravian star light is working. Tie the loose end of the cable attached to star in the hook screw so that the light from the star it locks into place. Plug in the light of the star at one end of an extension cord. Pass the extension cord on the hook screw and plug the end into a nearby outlet to turn on the light socket.

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