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July 3, 2018 Bathroom

Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet Compared with Wardrobes in the Bathroom

Surface mount medicine cabinet – If you are remodeling your bathroom completely or if you are simply adding some new accessories, replacing an outdated kit can make a big difference in the final look.

Ease of Installation

Unless the existing wall in your bathroom and have a hole with a perfect size of a surface mount medicine cabinet version is much more easy to install. Such models can be hung on the holes, or without having to worry about the cables, pipes or placing wooden beams on the wall opposite the damaged sections. The recessed versions should be perfectly embedded in the wall, which often requires re-wiring and cut a wall stud.


What wardrobes lacking as ease of installation, is offset by the space saving qualities. In a small bathroom or in a situation where the location is near a door, a recessed unit makes a room look less cluttered and be more efficient.


A surface mount medicine cabinet also gives you the option to choose different sizes. While a wardrobe must be at a certain depth, width and height to fit into the wall, a surface mount unit can be of any shape or size that fits between the ceiling and the sink.

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