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November 1, 2018 Furniture Ideas

The Dangers of Torchiere Floor Lamp

Be Careful with Fire

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission US Consumer, halogen torchiere floor lamp caused more than 189 fires and 11 deaths by 2004. The modern halogen torchiere lamps, which have the standard UL, have a guard around halogen light bulb to prevent flammable materials come to the bulb and catching fire. If you have a halogen torchiere lamp in your house, never use a halogen bulb of more than 300 watts; the higher the voltage, the bulb will heat.

Beware Falls

And heavier screens on top bowls can make all kinds torchiere floor lamp are unstable depending on the placement and structure of the same. If possible, position your lamp torchiere outside the main flow of pedestrian traffic and away from places where children and pets play to limit potential accidents. Although torchiere lamp that falls will usually cause little damage to an adult, it can hurt a pet or toddler.

Don’t Burn

If your torchiere floor lamp falls to the ground, do not touch the bulb. Most use halogen bulbs of 300 watts, which can burn your skin if you touch them. According to Business Wire’s September 29, 2000, halogen bulbs can reach temperatures of 700-1100 degrees F (370-590 degrees C). At such high temperatures, you could fry an egg in minutes.


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