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January 29, 2019 Roof & Ceilings

The History of Ceiling Medallions

Have you ever wondered how the idea of ​​putting something decorative on the roof? Ceiling medallions adorn opulent homes have been since antiquity. It can be traced to the Middle East, although it’s exact origin and time period of the original use is unknown. However, its popularity spread throughout Europe, with designers in France and Italy, becoming particularly fond of them.

Many styles have been incorporated into long rosettes of the centuries, including neoclassical, Georgia, baroque, Adam, Empire, Victorian and Art Nouveau. Historically, the rosettes are formed from marble, gypsum, or iron. Ornate carved and painted carefully detailed designs that took several months or even years to create artisans. Today, medallions are made of much lighter materials, such as polyurethane and wood.

Especially in its early days, the ceiling medallions were often the focal point of the room. Once the gas lamps and other accessories modern lighting became available, the ceiling medallion was used to draw the eye of lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

Today, ceiling medallions are used in the restoration of period homes and other buildings, as well as provide a touch of elegance to modern homes. As some of the materials used today are lightweight, almost anyone can install a ceiling medallion.

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