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August 26, 2018 Kitchen and Dining

Tilt Out Trash Bin

Tilt out trash bin – A tilt out of the garbage is a simple way to hide the eyesore of the kitchen trash. It can be dyed to fit in with the current color of the kitchen cabinet and it can be almost any type of wood as the wood is strong enough to support the weight of a garbage can filled. Basic Home tools are only required to complete the project.

Position coupled with the edge of the Board flush against the bottom edge of the plate, which will be used for the door of the Cabinet. Spread glue on the edge of the 14-inch 19-inch Board, press against the bottom edge of the door panel and secure with wooden brackets. Finish nails through the front of the door tilt out trash bin panel and on the edge of the 14-inch 19-inch Board to help to secure in place. This will create the floor of Cabinet that supports the garbage.

Cut two pieces of 1 inch by 1 inch wood studs to 4 inches long. Use the circular to tilt out trash bin cut an angle of 45 degrees at each end of the brackets. Place the brackets so that one end is flush with the edge of the floor of the Cabinet and the other is flush with the edge of the door panel. Driving wood screws 1-1/2 inches to attach the brackets in place.

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