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August 6, 2018 Small Furnitures

Tips Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces

Multifunctional furniture for small spaces – In a small space everything counts. It is the starting point when to decorate a small room. All that is required for it to be perceived more is to apply some simple but smart tricks. By using some specific design concepts, we can fool the eye and make the room come across as much more spacious than it actually is. Color Technician, multifunctional furniture for small spaces arrangements and lighting are just some of the concepts, and hopefully this article can give you inspiration and help you with future projects.

When decorating a small space, create a focal point, a special part of the room or object to focus attention on. In the dining room is probably the table, while in a bedroom most likely is the bed. Make the main point to star in the room. Arrange furniture and accessories so that attention there and minimize the rest of the interior. One last tip is to not have too large rugs to create the illusion of more floor space.

Sometimes furnishings take up much space, and contribute to a space feels cramped. Here are some useful tips on how to decorate a small room: Using multifunctional furniture for small spaces such as a chest that can be used both as storage and coffee table or a bed with drawers. Place large furniture next to the walls so that the open space in the middle of the room is not broken up.

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