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January 24, 2019 Small Furnitures

Touch of Glamour Small Sunburst Mirror

Small sunburst mirror, this vintage mirror will bring a retro air to every corner of your home and without taking a touch of glamour. These mirrors are characterized by a frame reminiscent of sun’s rays or stellar galaxies. Term is used in astronomy starburst to define stellar formations formed by numerous stars. Care must be taken when decorating with them; they can become a great success or a tacky if we do not fit its luster in decoration of our environment.

If you look at edges of these mirrors you can see that in most cases are decorated with small crystals that mimic explosion that occurs when stars are born. Other models mimic sunlight. Small sunburst mirror has become a very popular mirror in interior decoration, besides being very beautiful suit all travelers and styles.

Small sunburst mirror is ideal for rooms where there is a wide gap between headboard and ceiling. It is preferable to accompany them with headboards light colors and simple lines, recharge this will prevent atmosphere. They are perfect for decorating entrance, because they provide a very warm air perceive upon entering your home.

If you have enough space on your wall you could decanters decorate with Starburst several mirrors of different sizes and shapes. Before buying make a small diagram to see how you will distribute. It is a supplement suitable for all budgets. There are mirrors design made of high quality materials, and cheaper ones.

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