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August 15, 2018 Small Furnitures

Towel Racks for Small Bathrooms Ideas

Towel racks for small bathrooms – The first thing you do when you leave the shower is reaching for a towel. A towel rack or rod puts right next to the shower and just where you need towels. Basic towels racks consist of one rod, suspended between two hooks or parts joined to the wall. Bath towel rail ideas include ways to add more style to the room and add more storage capacity.

Towel racks for small bathrooms over the door is a simple way to store towels for future use. The towel rack has two curved pieces that fit the door and keep the door not closing properly. Multiple bars hanging from the rack, providing space for hanging three fifty-seven towels. The bottom of the frame has plugs that prevent the rack pressure against the door and potentially damaging the wood. Hang your towel on the bottom bar after use to quickly dry towel for your next shower.

Towel racks for small bathrooms, small containers such as baskets and buckets provide a storage area for some of their towels. Roll up towels to make them fit better into the container. Place the container in a corner towel on the floor, on top of another cabinet, at the counter or other free place in the bathroom. Choosing a small bowl makes finding a place to store towels in the bathroom easier.

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