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December 26, 2018 Unique & Antiques

Unique Bookshelves and Extremely Useful for You

Unique bookshelves – special corners of the house: shelves with unique styles. Because of its enormous utility, the shelf is one of those items that we turn over in homes. In many cases, it takes a more decorative than functional aspect but in any case, is a cabinet that used to see in every house as usual. For this reason, we have made a small exclusive selection of those that can help us make a certain corner of the house becomes a unique and original space.

Bookshelves like a suspension bridge , unique bookshelves like a suspension bridge this shelf is supported from cables. It is a small piece of furniture that, besides being extremely useful, presents an easy and simple structure that may well serve to bind a favorite collection of books, as function as a decorative element.

Bookshelves with lamp, unique bookshelves with toscanini as exclusive Italian designer lamps, thought to unite furniture and lighting. Depending on how you look, it can be understood as a lamp serving shelf, in turn, is illuminated. In any case, perfectly fulfills both functions, besides decorative also be a good resource.

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