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Full Size Storage Bed with Bookcase Headboard

July 27, 2018 Storage Bed

Useful King Size Platform Bed Frame with Storage

Some king size platform bed frame with storage do not come with drawers in base; Instead, these beds have a hydraulic lift system where mattress lifts up and you have whole box-like structure platform to store things in. Because this space is so big, it is ideal for larger items and things that you do not use regularly, but do not want to be separated. For example, platform storage keeps dust off large photo albums, scrapbooks, old magazines and notebooks, including stuffed animals.

Some king size platform bed frame with storage come with shelves in platform. Depending on size, shelves serve a variety of purposes. For example, small shelves are ideal for books, paper copies of music and old textbooks or binders. Large shelves, you can slide in baskets to create hidden storage – a collective basket or a place for shoes and accessories.

King size platform bed frame with storage come with two rows of boxes on each long side of platform, which makes a real dresser unnecessary. This frees up floor space, which is indispensable for small rooms. Socks and underwear can be accommodated in separate boxes, heavy shirts in another, t-shirts and long sleeve tees in another box and jeans in another. Alternatively you can use drawer space for out-of-season clothes, holding in-season clothes in your closet and out-of-season stuff away but practical.

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