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August 15, 2018 Home Ideas

Venetian Mirror Accessories

This type of mirror takes its name from the Venetian masters (of the island of Moreno, to be exact) who decided, back in the fourteenth century, replacing the polished metal with which they are traditionally manufactured mirrors for glass and crystal rock –Venetian Mirror Accessories

Although initially  venetian mirror accessories was wooden frame, the late eighteenth century it was replaced by a glass molding, delicately carved with floral or geometric patterns, typology that has survived to this day and which defines and characterizes these mirrors. While you gain a true Venetian mirror is not exactly cheap, you have the possibility to find in stores that have replicas that are quite cheaper.

You forget that the Venetian mirror accessories mirrors, regardless of the style you choose, have a practical function, which is to enlarge spaces. If you love this style, somewhat overloaded and requires large areas to avoid feeling cramped, but your home does not have enough meters, do not worry: choose a large mirror and place it in areas where stray light. Thus, in addition to generating a greater sense of space, you can give more light to the room.

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